Use of Information Technology
Worldwide, technology’s presence is permeating the learning environment. Instructional technologies at AiS Jeddah will encourage the development of innovative educational goals, structures, policies and practices while helping redefine education. By providing our learners and staff with interactive "anytime, anywhere” access to quality instruction and the tools that facilitate active and engaged learning, technology at our school will empower learners to take control of, and take responsibility for their learning. The result will be the improved efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and learning and the use of computers as an aid in all subjects and grade levels.

Our school offers a wide range of innovative programs that cater for a range of interests and abilities. In other words, learning in each subject will be enhanced with the use of technology. Specific programs, web sites and CDs are available to learners in every course of study with the aim of making this type of research part of their learning process. These include units where databases are introduced and learners can then extend their skills by creating dynamic data-driven web applications using leading edge developmental tools. Our courses enable learners to become proficient users and developers in Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

In every classroom, electronic beams (smart boards), LCD projectors and Intel Classmates (laptops) are available to teachers and learners to enhance the educational process. In every course of study, CDs and websites are provided to enhance learning. Guided access to critically search for and use information on websites and opportunities to communicate with others over the internet are made available.

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