Our school’s curriculum is dynamic; it is designed with the flexibility to provide for the school’s heterogeneous academic programs. The curriculum consists of academic and co-curricular programs through which learners actively participate in a stimulating and challenging learning experience.

All our learners will be exposed to a multilingual curriculum. They will have the opportunity to obtain a strong command in two languages and a communicative command in the third.  In addition to multilingualism, the curriculum promotes an early awareness of global issues including an appreciation of diverse cultural, political and social systems, preparing our learners to become global citizens, while retaining their cultural heritage.  It also emphasizes awareness of national culture and heritage through planning to eventually teach the native languages of all learners at school.

For maximum intellectual development of every one of our learners, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on problem-solving, inquiry and discovery, creative and critical thinking, and self-direction.  It also provides a balanced range of courses that will support intellectual, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and ethical growth.

Our curriculum is designed to deliver methods of acquiring, analyzing and evaluating information. These skills are paramount for learners to grow into life-long learners in our knowledge-based local and global communities.

The curriculum is designed to progress in a coherent and orderly manner from Kindergarten until Grade 12, with particular consideration to curriculum coordination in the transition stages. Our Senior School curriculum will meet the requirements of international standardized assessments. We provide the opportunity for our future graduates to become fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enter and succeed in college/university.

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