Purpose & Direction-based on LWIS Network
At AIS, we aim to create a safe, flexible and nurturing learning environment where children, faculty, staff and families work together to enhance everyone’s cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development through learner-centered, holistic education and the integration of technology.
Guided by the core values of respect, responsibility, partnership and life-long learning, AIS will honor the special gift in each child and support every learner to become a contributor to positive change in his/her country, and in an ever-diverse international community of learners.
Al-AfkarInternational School endeavors to have in the heart of Jeddah, a distinguished, learner-centered school that exemplifies a collaborative and cooperative learning environment and a rigorous, caring learning community, where growth and life-long learning traits are inherent attributes to all young and adult learners. To have a school that educates and develops the whole child and exemplifies equity among learners’ diverse academic potentials, learning styles, and social standings. To have a school that capitalizes on partnership with parents, faculty, staff, and administrators to enable and empower learners to reach their maximum potential. To have a school that prepares learners to be active citizens in their own countries who can contribute positively in building our ever-advancing world. To build a learning community that empowers staff to utilize their professional training and provides them with ample opportunities for thorough ongoing professional development, personal growth, and self-actualization. To have a school that is constantly engaged in continuous improvement planning.

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