Our Strategies
To deliver our mission, our school will commit to the following strategies:

Learner-Centered Approach: We are committed to developing the abilities of all our learners, young and adult, honoring their different learning styles, multiple intelligences and cultural backgrounds. Each learning experience will be designed to cater for the learner’s individual needs with the goal of guiding him/her towards academic, personal and social excellence and an enthusiasm for learning.

Multilingualism: Multilingualism, which serves as a tool for international understanding, empowers our learners to become actively involved in our global community. Because multilingualism needs to be cultivated in young minds, we offer our learners three languages: Arabic, English and French. All our learners will be equipped with a strong command of two languages and a communicative command in a third.

Technology: We recognize the power of technology to transform learning into a more flexible, individualized endeavor required by today’s technology-based society. We offer learners computer literacy and interactive "anytime, anywhere” access to quality information technology instruction, empowering learners to use these skills to take control of and responsibility for their learning in school and, eventually, in their adult lives.

Values of Citizenship and Global Commitment: We are committed to providing our learners with an educational experience that encourages them to develop into respectful citizens of their countries and of the world. Through educational experiences consisting of human rights and international understanding, we will strive to instill in our learners respect for human rights and an understanding and acceptance of different people’s cultures and values, thus celebrating diversity. We are committed to the notion that our learners are citizens of the world.

Teachers: Our highly qualified, creative and experienced teachers will work closely with our reputable international consultants to provide learners and their families with a wholesome academic and social experience. Our teachers are suitably qualified university graduates, many of them holding a Master’s degree or higher.

Partners in a Community of Learners: We will create a "learning community” where learners, families, teachers and other members of the school community will work together in a partnership that will be the foundation for our success and that of our learners.

Continuous Improvement: Our school is designed to be a dynamic system, a learning organization formed of learners, teachers, administrators, families and the larger community that constantly work together to seek better ways to maximize learning for all.

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