BOT & Management
School Governance

 The governance of the schools is in the hands of a Board of Trustees (BOT). The BOT includes the schools owners, financial and business expertise and educational specialists. The Board engaged School Development Consultants (SDC) Lebanon through the Learner’s World International Schools (LWIS) Network to align AIS with the LWIS Network outlook to education. As such, SDC is responsible for the entire school operation and consults with the BOT on general policy matters, strategic plans, physical plant development and budgetary issues.

 Decision-making on curricular and organizational affairs is in the hands of the School Management in consultation with SDC consultants, and is based on data received from school management, subject coordinators, subject teachers, administrators, parent representatives and learner representatives.

 On the level of financial, logistic and support services, data is accumulated from school management and the school’s auditor for final decisions by School Development Consultants and the school BOT. 

The Leadership and Management Teams

AIS Leadership Team comprises the Academic Directors, Principals and the Director of Administration. This team sees to the planning of the smooth daily operation of the Girls’ and Boys’ School affairs.

Decision-making on learner life in each of the schools is handled by each school’s Management Team comprising the Academic Director, Principal and Director of Administration based on data received fromTeachers, Health Personnel, Parents, Learners and Counselors.

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