A Message from the Academic Directors
From the Desk of the Academic Directors 

Dear AiS community,

 Welcome to Al-Afkar International School – Jeddah, KSA; a community of learners.

At AiS, we believe every person has the right and responsibility to learn and is capable of learning. Once a person’s needs are identified, his/her capabilities, learning styles, gifts and talents are uncovered and a positive and nurturing environment is provided, learning is certainly optimized.

With the help of all the AiS constituencies, old and new, the AiS purpose, direction and values, who we are-our purpose- what we stand for-our values- and aspire to be as a community-our direction- have been revisited to ensure the best possible positioning of AiS in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the foreseeable future.

We do hope that our motto "we measure success one happy learner at a time” will provide the necessary medium through which our learners will acquire the AiS traits and characteristics at a faster pace.

To help our learners become:

Caring citizens
Critical thinkers and researchers
Problem solvers
Good communicators
Team players, and 
Positive change agents

We invite you all to lend a hand and join our 2015-16 journey and experience the AiS difference.


Fatima Meloelain (Academic Director - Girls’ School)
Rami Farah (Academic Director - Boys’ School) 

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